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The Desire-Remedy of Errors

Every individual has different shape and size of thinking but the common thing is thinking of daily meal with normal duties like timely potty and toilet. Some of us have little more like good meal and sound sleep after normal work. Some of us have passion of good and healthy foods (not spicy) in a good location and some also looks for testy in both the cases (either in food or serving location). Few of us have a taste of comfortable and enjoyable healthy-wealthy life. But number of the Healthy-Wealthy category is 4-5% in the world and increasing. This is not a constant percentage. It is variable.

Why? Before 19th century media was the property of intellectual section and now the media in your sunglasses frames. Constantly people are searching for development and by this habit their sphere of thinking is expanding. Leave those who still getting pleasure to seeing other peoples achievement. But never has he/she tried to do this as that kind of people cannot set the goal until death. So desire should have to be made before 18. You have to be very well conversant with your knowledge and self respect so that you can have strong desire. By this desire you can achieve the target and make a space for all things you need in life.

Is dream measurable? Yes! Dream is measurable. From beginning start with a small thing to achieve and then set big, bigger and so on. Nothing will be achieved if you have not set a definite date to achieve the thing as well as write the date and achieving thing in different corner in your room, bathroom, bedroom, computer desk. Even you have to say this to him who smiles at you every time unnecessarily. Now the time has come to show your power and you will be able then to stop their provoking. Actually provoking is the best way for treating the lazy and demoralized people to turn them in a definite shape in the critical environment. That is the desire18. In the name of desire18 you can achieve all if you have the strong desire to get things in a due time.

What should be the objective? Here is the answer for you to start

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